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10 November 2017
Kerekegyháza, Cultural Centre, Hungary

The event was organized within the framework of the Slow Food International Campaign aimed at raising awareness concerning global warming, and the dangers in consequence. Both adults and children attended the event.

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The issue of global warming is of a special importance in the Kiskunság region, located on the Sand Ridge between the rivers Danube and Tisza, where the average annual precipitation is just 550 mm. Environmentally conscious approach and activities are crucial for our survival.

Part of the event was a presentation delivered by Péter Polyák, who had represented Convivium Kiskunság at the Slow Food Congress in China. As we are also aware, the amount of waste produced worldwide, as well as the problems of waste management are well known everywhere - as it was reiterated in Mr. Polyák's presentation.

It was in the spirit of respect for nature that our group on 4 November joined a special study tour in the woods providing training in recognising mushrooms and also for collecting edible types.

On 10 November we indeed cooked up a better future. A wide range of traditional dishes were prepared and served. The following dishes were on offer:

- sweet potato cream soup with dill
- tarhonya (special Hungarian pasta=" egg barley") with mangalitza sausage
- potato salad with herbs
- pop corn made from our own produce
- pancakes
- home made pastry

Soup was served in jars, which (after washing-up) could later be used for drinking water, or for putting other food into it. Salad was served in a pumpkin cut in halves, the pastry was offered on autumn leaves.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, we were laughing a lot. Ours is just a not very influential little group, but - according to a Hungarian saying - a lot of geese can conquer a pig!

We are enthusiastically looking forward to the next event!   
Lászlóné Rendek, Imréné Fehér - Convivium Kiskunság

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